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Types of acoustic guitars: which should I choose?

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Types of acoustic guitars: which should I choose?

There are different types of acoustic guitars on the market. The shape of the body, the size and the shape of the soundboard, as well as their sound, are different for each type. But, which one is the most appropriate for each person? How to choose the acoustic guitar fit for you?

Here you’ll find the types of acoustic guitars there are, and some tips to choose the right instrument that will serve you as a guide. We can help you personally and in detail, adapting our model to your needs if you want to buy a luthier acoustic guitar in

Main types of acoustic guitars

Parlor or parlour, a type of acoustic guitar with a small body

Since it is a narrow and small type of acoustic guitar, it provides very rich medium sounds. Its body is slightly long and produces both a rough and sweet sound. It is a vintage type, whose main difference from the actual standards is that their neck joint is at the 12th fret.

Parlour guitars are models created in the 19th century, more exactly in 1840, but originally they were not steel string guitars. The strings were made from gut, just like every other classical guitar from that time, so it was not technically an acoustic guitar. However, by the end of the 19th century, the same model was used to mount the steel strings. 

It’s a very good guitar for playing blues and folk. Nowadays, it’s back in fashion because, thanks to the modern techniques, it projects a good volume in a smaller size, which makes it more practical to carry around and liven up outdoor parties and informal gatherings. 

OM or Orchestra Model, acoustic guitars with great versatility

It is a type of acoustic guitar that is very comfortable for the musician and offers a perfect balance of the timbre spectrum. It allows good definition, brightness, volume and dynamics

They suit well different styles, but they are specially appreciated by guitarists who play blues or folk. The reason behind this is that they allow you to combine different techniques such as the fingerstyle or the strumming with fingers or spike with excellent results. That’s why it is an instrument that many artists enjoy playing. 

Dreadnought, the most recognizable of the different types of acoustic guitars

Out of all the types of acoustic guitars, these are the most popular and easy to distinguish: square shoulders, large internal cavity and round superior lobe. What about the sound? Powerful mediums, sharp bass and treble sounds in the mid-range. 

The first one with this type of body dates from 1916 and it was the house Martin who put it on the market. Nowadays, it is used in almost every musical genre. Nevertheless, it is one of the best types of acoustic guitars to play bluegrass for its consistency in the rhythmic bases and the quality of its treble in solos. It allows good strumming and rhythms. 

Grand Auditorium or type 0 acoustic guitars 

A very recognizable and more modern type of guitar, with a smaller waist than the previous one. Bob Taylor’s original design is not even 30 years old, and it was created with the intention of being more versatile than the other types of acoustic guitar. 

The truth is that it allows to combine different techniques and provides good music with rhythmic, strumming and fingerstyle. It is one of the favorites for singer song-writers today. Its balance between treble and bass is excellent and its mid-tones are very clear, so these acoustic guitars have a well-balanced and harmonic sound.

Jumbo, big acoustic guitars with good bass

As you might assume by its name, Jumbo guitars are a large type of acoustic guitar that stands out for the quality of its bass spectrum. They provide a solid and round sound for rhythmic guitarists, and they are perfect for singer- songwriters with great vocal projection. In fact, when it was designed in the 30s of the 20th century, it was intended to facilitate this projection in the absence of amplifiers. 

You must take into account your own complexion, since, due to its size, it could be uncomfortable and harder to play fluently if your body is small.

Mini Acoustic Guitars

These small guitars are today one of the most popular types of acoustic guitars. The mini acoustic guitar is very easy to use and carry around but still keeps very good qualities of the larger conventional acoustic guitars. 

It is a short scale instrument, and that makes it easier for beginners. Also, it’s very versatile and can be used in a great variety of musical genres. It is a winning choice if you want to have several options in just one instrument while you learn how to play, or until you can have a collection of guitars. 

As you can see, there are several acoustic guitar models today, and choosing yours can depend on different factors. Do you want a completely custom-made acoustic guitar? Then you can request its construction at Guitarras Fuentes, as experts, we will be able to evaluate your needs in depth and recommend the best type of acoustic guitar for you.

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