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Custom Guitars


Custom Guitars made from Recycled Materials

At the Luthier Rafael Fuentes’ workshop, we offer you a guitar personalisation service. We have a wide experience, and we can help you customise a guitar by following your own concepts, whether it is a custom classical guitar or a custom electric guitar. Furthermore, we also offer you a guitar made with recycled materials. We adapt to offer you different solutions, while always keeping an optimal sound quality.

We always make your own custom classical guitar, as the process is entirely handcrafted and every guitar is unique in its own way.

Guitar personalisation while taking into account the guitarist’s musical style, aesthetic, skill, anatomy and ergonomics, makes the difference between the handcrafted Luthier guitars and standard guitars.

We also have guitars made with their own designs. You will be able to choose a design for your own custom guitar from a wide range of possibilities. We will also give you advice on which would be the best choice, always taking into account your anatomy, guitar skill and the type of music and sound that you are looking for.

Custom Electric Guitars

If you are looking for creating your own custom electric guitar, contact us, and we will guide you when deciding the components your guitar will be made of.

We have a wide catalogue of woods, designs, conventional and handcrafted pickups, electronic components, neck types, ornamentation and finishes.

If you would like to customise your own guitar, you can check out one of our latest projects: we embedded the Orion constellation in one of our electric guitars.

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Guitars Made with Recycled Materials

If you are looking for an electric guitar made of recycled materials, while always keeping the best sound quality, we are happy to tell you that we use native woods which produce a lower carbon footprint or woods originated from a non-conventional way that can be recycled. As an example, we show you our ecological guitar model called ‘Greta’, made of oak wood obtained from a beam of a Cantabrian mansion, which has a natural finish and boasts a great identity.

At our workshop, we have a wide range of handcrafted guitars. If you would like an exclusive guitar or a custom guitar, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Luthier will give you all kinds of advice and will solve all of your doubts regarding how to customise your guitar.


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