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Acoustic Guitars

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Although the origin of the first acoustic guitar is uncertain, we can certainly say that it was Chris Frederick Martin who popularised and developed it in the USA. In short, he attached steel strings to the guitar designs he had created with gut strings. The main difference between a classical guitar and a custom acoustic guitar is the steel strings, although the internal structure and neck required major modifications due to the higher strength produced by steel strings, compared to nylon strings. This meant that the necks had to be reinforced with a steel beam, and the tops and truss rods had to be thicker to withstand the tension of the strings

The Luthier acoustic guitars we offer are designed following the style of C.F. Martin guitars, as we consider this brand to be the best reference when it comes to Luthier guitars. On this basis, we are committed to listen to the needs and preferences of each musician so we can adapt to their requirements

Finding the harmony between the guitar, the guitarist and the sound they are looking for is easier when having a wide experience in the creation of Luthier acoustic guitars. Us, at Guitarras Fuentes, we are experts in this area.

Buying Luthier acoustic guitars

When making acoustic guitars, we are fully aware of the preferences of every musician and the diversity of sounds they are looking for. For this reason, we have a variety of woods for both bodies and soundboards. If you want to buy a custom acoustic guitar, made by a Luthier with years of experience, we have the perfect one for you here.

Do you want to buy a custom acoustic guitar? Check out our shop and contact us without any obligation via any of the methods we have available for you.

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