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How to clean the rosewood fingerboard of a classical guitar in 6 steps

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how to clean rosewood fingerboard

How to clean the rosewood fingerboard of a classical guitar in 6 steps

If you want to keep your guitar in good shape, its cleaning is one of the essential maintenance tasks. With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to clean the rosewood fingerboard of a classical guitar easily so that it is perfect and the integrity of the instrument remains unaffected.

How to clean a classical guitar rosewood fingerboard in 6 simple steps

1. Remove the guitar strings to clean the fingerboard

Is this necessary? Yes, if you want to do a good job and don’t want to damage the strings, the first step is to carefully remove the strings. This is a very simple process and the best way to clean the fingerboard without fear, truly leaving it spotless and nourishing it to extend its lifespan.

If you only want a simple cleaning after using it, just wipe it gently with a cloth, being careful with the strings. But if you want a deeper cleaning, which is recommended every so often, first you need to remove them.

2. Decide what kind of product you are going to use

There are several kinds of products you can use to clean the fingerboard, but not all of them are good for every kind of wood. When thinking about how to clean the rosewood fingerboard of a classical guitar, you should take into account this material, because it’s the only way you can choose the best product for this task.

You can use a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol for cleaning, as long as the fingerboard is not lacquered. And another cloth with oil to moisturize the wood afterwards. It can be a nut oil or baby oil, or even olive oil, surprisingly enough!

This type of alcohol is sold in pharmacies and drugstores. As for the cloths, choose a lint-free material.

3. How to clean the rosewood fingerboard of a classical guitar with isopropyl alcohol

If you are going to use isopropyl alcohol, apply a small amount with a cloth. This product is a very pure alcohol and dries very quickly, so you must do it fast enough. Rub vigorously with the appropriate cloth to remove the dirt without damaging the fingerboard and leaving marks on it.

You can do the same with any other cleaning agent suitable for wooden guitars that you may have chosen.

4. Nourish the wood after the cleaning

If you are not going to use alcohol or another cleaning agent or you have already used it, apply the chosen oil to clean the fingerboard of a classical guitar. Pour a few drops on the cloth and wipe the fingerboard so it penetrates the wood and nourishes it properly.

Some oils have a dropper or a dispenser that limits the amount of oil that pours out. However, try to pour the oil you are going to use in the cloth over a table and not over the guitar, just in case. This way, you will avoid pouring out too much of it.

5. Dry the fingerboard of your guitar right after applying the oil

Drying the fingerboard is very important. It should not be too dampened, so use a paper towel, a soft towel or a lint-free cotton cloth.

Carefully and promptly remove any excess oil from the fingerboard. It should remain free of any residue.

6. Put the strings on after cleaning the fingerboard of a classical guitar

You have seen how to clean the fingerboard of a classical guitar. Now all that remains is to put the strings back on. Do this with clean hands, without any oil residue on them.

As you can see, it is a simple procedure but it requires time and attention, and it is also suitable for any guitar with a wooden fingerboard. It is important that, when cleaning the fingerboard, you are careful with the rest of the elements of the guitar. You can visit us to buy professional classical guitars with guitarrasfuentes.com and we can also take care of the maintenance of the guitar for you.