Construction, Repair and Maintenance of guitars.

At Guitarras Fuentes we have the skills to repair your guitar with the utmost care. Rafael Fuentes is an expert luthier specialising in sound.

Construction. Classic and Flamenco Guitar.

Ancient plucked string instruments..

Repair Studio. Classic, Acoustic, Electric guitar.

Plucked string instruments in general... • Levelling of frets and refret • Nut and Bridges Adjustments. • Handmade bridges and bond nuts. • Neck adjustments. • Bridges replacement. • Soundboard replacement. • Headstock installation. • Electronics: pads replacement, rewiring, electronic parts etc. • Shellac re-varnish of classic instruments using the French polish technique.

Maintenance services.

• Frets polishing • Headstocks, bridges and nuts lubrication • Cleaning of potentiometer, switchers… • Cleaning of fingerboards and wood nourishment • Truss rod adjustments.

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