Traditional Model

Inspired by the models of Antonio de Torres, Manuel Ramírez and José Luis Romanillos and designed after the canons of the last years of the XIX century and the beginning of XX century:

Light construction and seven fan braces. It offers a quick response and projection. The frequency range of its timbre is optimal for the human hearing.

This model’s neck is playable and ergonomic, reinforced with ebony to avoid any deformation due to the string tension.

This model is the best choice for those who look for a fast, rich in harmonics and vibrating sound. The golden sound of the Spanish Guitar.



Top: German spruce or Engelmann. Red cedar.

Back and sides: Indian rosewood, pau ferro, padouk, walnut, ovankgol and maple.

Neck: Brazilian cedar or mahogany. Maple (optional for maple models).

Fingerboard: African ebony.



String lenght:  650 mm. (660 y 640mm optional).

Body lenght: 485 mm.

Upper boat width: 274 mm.

Waist width: 233,5 mm.

Lower boat width: 359 mm

Nut width:  52 mm. (Any other measure without charge)

Thickness on the first fret: 21mm.

Thickness on the twelfth fret: 26 mm.

XX fret: Optional.

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