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Welcome to Guitarras Rafael Fuentes

With Guitarras Rafael Fuentes you will find the best luthier guitars. Explore the website and enjoy the passion to be shared with a luthier from Valladolid, Spain, with the rest of the world.

«The guitar is like a distant and mysterious orchestra,
whose sounds come to us from a smaller and
more delicate planet than ours. …»
Andrés Segovia


At Guitarras Fuentes we specialize in the construction of classic and flamenco guitars, as well as ancient plucked string instruments.


Rafael Fuentes,luthier in Valladolid, specializes in the repair of all types of guitars: classics, acoustics and electrics. Rafael also repairs all kind of plucked string instruments.


In our studio we do all kinds of maintenance work for your guitar: frets polishing, headstocks, bridges and nuts lubrication, overall cleaning, truss rod adjustments, etc…